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Not all venues are big enough for professional firework display some just don't allow them so we get round this small problem by offering you Pyrotechnics.

What are pyrotechnics you ask well these are stage or indoor firework effects. Which are cold burn and are safe indoors.

This also involves FIRE WRITING yes have your intials with a heart on fire, for everyone to see. It looks really inpressive.

We have a massive range of pyrotechnics and we can offer you:

  • Fountains down the drive? But only if their 10ft high.
  • Have your picture taken with a firework waterfall behind you.
  • With pyrotechnics we can give you fountains indoors!

 We are 7' high gas flamebeaux's made for us this year. They make a great enterance for any event. particularly if you can't have fireworks at your venue, but in the winter they add the wow factor to any wedding.

 We will be offering lancework (mini fountians that we write with) this year. You can have letters and symbols at the start or end of the night. These effects with 3 letters or symbols.


We've all seen the Chinese lanterns at events but did you know that UK law has changed and all lanterns now have to be bio-degradable and be insured. This isn't a problem as we have one of the biggest UK suppliers backing us with the new product and we have the insurance.

Our lanterns come in many shapes, sizes and colours. we start at 106cm high by 56cm wide, we feel this is the smallest size anybody should use to give impact and be able to deal with light winds.

 Why should the bride and groom have the same lanterns. Why not have red heart lanterns and set them off before everyone else to cheers and good wishes.

 We have no minimum order for you to worry about like some other companies, we have stock and if we need more we have a 2 day turnover as we are backed by the UK's largest supplier, it's never a problem with Moray Firth Fireworks.

Taken by Chris Milne/ http://www.maccphoto.co.uk

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about products you have seen on this page or other products you have come across. We will always provide you with the best possible service at all times.

Call 07720 982509 or email morayfirthfireworks@hotmail.co.uk

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