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This could be you!

We have a huge range of fireworks and can colour match with your wedding.

Our spectacular professional wedding firework displays start at just £800 + vat, but don’t forget that we also regularly fire wedding displays over £2500.00 + vat. We cater for a wide range of budgets to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy something of our professional products and services.

Don't forget if you don't have the right venue size for a professional display we also sell retail fireworks that you can fire yourself these also a fantastic option for smaller budgets.


Sliver Display

With exciting colours and effects, your display will contain 10ft fountains and mutli-shot cakes and candles with aerial shell bursts with a multi shell burst finale at different heights ranging from 300-500 feet in the sky.

2.5" up to 5" shells if venue is suitable, show length 8 mins.

Gold display

This is our most popular wedding display we fire, with this budget you gain much larger cake bores and barrages, giving a much bigger impact. With more aerial shells and larger bursts this display will be one that you and your guests will never forget.

3" up to 6" shells If venue suitable, show length 9-10 mins.

Diamond display

This is a breath taking multi angle display with aerial shells bursting over large bore cakes rising to 100-150 feet in the sky, with shells bursting 300-800 feet. the whole sky will be filled with your wedding display. This firework display will be talked about at your diamond anniversary!

This show is for medium to larger venues. Shells 3",4",5",6" show length 12 mins.

We can fire at smaller site but the larger shells are replaced with more 4" which is just means more shells.....

Platinum display

This is a display like no other and is on par with a small public display! The professional fireworks that we use in this type of display are the biggest we have and from the ground up to 800 feet will just be amazing effects and colour. The display starts with 200 foot fan cakes and massive 5" and 6" ariel shell bursts, just to make sure your looking at the right piece of sky!

This is for large venues only. Shells 2",2.5",3",4",5",6"

Display time is 15 minutes

We have a list of options that you can add to any of the displays.


Add 5" finale shell

Add two 5" finale shells

Add 6" finale shell

Add two 6" finale shells

Add 4" red heart shells x 6                                                        

Add extra finale lift of 3" & 4" shells

Add the bride & groom large red start button! 

We have wedding firework packages that can provide you with something special no matter what your budget might be. Call to find out what we can do for you 07720 982509 or email morayfirthfireworks@hotmail.co.uk


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