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Moray Firth Fireworks will give you the best public display shows because we only use the best products. Our suppliers are some of the biggest importers in the UK but only a small percent of these products has been used in Scotland.

We are about to change this and bring you it all. We are amazed by the effects and we've seen alot, your event will be remebered for years to come as one of the best.

With state of the art firing systems and wireless remote systems we can fire from multiple sites giving your event bigger impact and that extra wow factor people are looking for.

Our display aerial shell will reach 800 feet above you, with new effects and colours coming into the UK every year we will be able to keep new ideas and displays coming your way.

Taken by Chris Milne / http://www.maccphoto.co.uk

With safety our main concern our professional display team work closely with Health & Safetly, Organizers and event planners. With £5 million Public Liability Insurance,£5 million product insurance,£10 million employee insurance and 10 years experience with continual staff training we are well prepared to giving you a trouble free display. We are first aid trained to HSE level.

We can look at your event site from aerial images and walk the site to ensure that it meets safety distances for fallout and firing site from crowds. These are areas of our Risk Assessment that cannot be changed and we work to a strict safety measures.

Service we provide you for your event;

  • Free advice about all aspects of your display
  • Liaison with venue and local council
  • Site survey
  • Risk assessment to comform with HSE guidelines
  • Insurance cover up to £5 million
  • Designing your show
  • Transport costs
  • Display team minimum of 3
  • Firing of display
  • Clearing of site

Being the highest qualified professioanl display company in Scotland and with continual staff training, we can offer a sevice like no other company can.

We have professional policies and procedures in place and will provide these at the tendering or booking stage.


Public displays 2011

Elgin City awarded Moray Firth Fireworks Ltd the November 5th bonfire night fireworks display at Cooper Park.

We gave Elgin the biggest display they had ever seen! with crowds in Cooper Park at around 6000 people and many thousands on the hills surrounding Elgin. We started the display with 2 single shot fans blue bursting to blue peonies 200 foot wide and 200 foot high and at the same time two very large 5" mortar shells exploding over 600 feet above all this in 4 seconds and this was just the start.

95% of the fireworks had never been used in Scotland and so it was a never before seen experience for the good people of Elgin.

The finale saw 43 mortar shells from 2" to 6" mortar shells fired at the same time! filling the sky above Elgin from 300 feet to and eye watering 800 feet. To bring the display to a very large and glittering finish lasting 10 seconds.

Covering the whole of Scotland and based in the Highlands we can provide professional fireworks anywhere.

Any question you might have about our service or what we can offer you, call and speak to one of the design team on 07720 982509 or email morayfirthfireworks@hotmail.co.uk

All the images below were Taken by Chris Milne / http://www.maccphoto.co.uk

All of the above photograph's were taken by Chris Milne / http://www.maccphoto.co.uk

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