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If your venue is more personnal and hasn't enough ground space for one of our displays, don't worry we can offer you many other effects to bring your evening to a dramatic end and leave a lasting impression on your guests and clients.

  • Whether it's 1 minute of fountains and gerbs.
  • Or larger effects as you leave your venue, we only need 3 metres safety distance.
  • We also can write your name or company logo in fireworks called Lancework, this really looks  impressive. We also have different colours. 

 Moray Firth Fireworks can make it happen, There are no budget limits. With the range of products we can offer you, Your corporate image display is tailored to you and your business.


If your the corporate events planner give us a call, email or have a meeting. We will plan every step of the display to your requirements, making the event stress free for our clients. Call our planning team on 07720 982509 or email morayfirthfireworks@hotmail.co.uk

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